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Whale Watching Hjalteyri Iceland

Experience a breathtaking 2,5-hour whale watching tour from the small fishing village of Hjalteyri, located within 20 minutes from Akureyri. Many Northerners believe that Hjalteyri is one of the best-kept secrets of North Iceland, and who can blame them?

With a population of only 43 inhabitants, tranquillity best explains the village’s character. Though minuscule, the village’s history is immense as it used to be one of the major fishing ports in the northern region. North Sailing’s whale watching vessel, a traditional refurbished oak boat, gives you glimpses into the mindset of the then-local fishermen going out at sea, as it was originally built for fishing. Nowadays, however, you enjoy quiet sailing on the calm seas of Eyjafjörður, Iceland’s longest fjord. Eyjafjörður is a favourable habitat for marine life, so favourable in fact that whales have been spotted in 96% of all our tours in the last years.

Under the guidance and expertise of our most qualified crew, this tour gives you the unique and exceptional opportunity to get in touch with the magnificent wildlife found in the North of Iceland, most notably the majestic whales and graceful seabirds.

Refreshments on board

  • Delicious hot chocolate and cinnamon buns.


  • Expert whale watching guide.

Extra clothes on board

  • We provide warm overalls and also raincoats if needed.

Daily Departures 2023

Daily departures from Hjalteyri 2022

Our tours from Hjalteyri will start again in June 2023. In the meantime, we recommend that you book your tour with us from Húsavík, the whale capital of Iceland.

2,5 hours approx.

Daily June – September

Hjalteyri, Iceland

10.990 ISK Adults
4.500 ISK 7-15 years
FREE Under 7 years

(All prices include 11% VAT)

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Welcome to Hjalteyri

Hjalteyri is a miniature former fishing village located on the western edge of Eyjafjörður, 20 minutes from Akureyri. Hjalteyri used to be one of the focal points of the Icelandic herring fishing industry up until the twentieth century, and the old herring factory which cannot go unnoticed used to be the largest of its kind in the country. Nowadays, however, it hosts various activities and is often used as a venue for art exhibitions.

In addition to phenomenal whale watching, the only scuba dive accessible hydrothermal chimney is in Hjalteyri, which rises from 65 – 15 meters. It was formed over 10.000 years ago and is the first underwater protected area in Iceland.

Enjoy the scenic surroundings of Hjalteyri and experience the aura of old times.

Activities and recreation in Hjalteyri

Strýtan Dive Centre

Strýtan diving centre Hjalteyri

Strýtan Dive Center strives to provide the most personal diving experience that you can find anywhere, in addition to keeping the diving groups small enough to give each diver a special diving journey and caring for nature and treating it with respect.

See more on Strýtan website

Kayak tours

Kayak tours Hjalteyri

As Hjalteyri is sheltered from big ocean waves, it is the ideal place for kayaking. You can choose between paddling on the pond, if you’re inexperienced, or head straight on out to ocean. The kayaks are sit-on-top kayaks, and everyone is provided with lifejackets to insure safety.

See more on the Traveling Viking website

Artist Exhibitions

Artist Exhibitions Hjalteyri

Coined “the Center for Contemporary Art”, the artist exhibitions are open Tuesdays to Sundays from 14 to 17. Admission is free! 

The 1500 m2 former historical herring factory has been revitalized into an exhibition space. A vast sum of artists, both Icelandic and non-Icelandic, exhibit works in this huge space – from paintings to sculptures and everything in between – where they seek inspiration from the area surrounding them.

A perfect place not only to look at the artist’s works but also to witness how the factory once was, as it hasn’t been altered greatly. Without a doubt one of the coolest exhibition spaces in all of Iceland!

See more on Verksmiðjan website

The old herring factory

The old herring factory Hjalteyri

The old herring factory has been transformed from its original role of processing fish meal and oil into a venue for modern art. Built in 1937 and closed in 1966, it is a huge concrete structure sprawling on the edge of the fjord. The old concrete tanks and decaying walls cannot go unnoticed and give the harbor a unique look to it.

Outdoor hot tubs

Outdoor hot tubs Hjalteyri

Down by the sea you can find a marvelous hot tub run by donations. Ideal to warm up after having been out at sea or pre-heat yourself before the activities coming up. Fantastic sceneries over Eyjafjörður as the hot tub is almost parallel to the sea and mountains are all around.

Apt. Hotel Hjalteyri


Apt. Hotel Hjalteyri is a family run apartment hotel eager to provide excellent service to make your holiday both relaxing and rememberable. It’s stylish, clean and comfortable and features views of the sea and the mountains from every apartment.

See more on Hotel Hjalteyri Facebook page

Location in the heart of Eyjafjörður, Iceland

Our boats

We take pride in preserving cultural heritage

Our traditional refurbished oak boats are at home in Eyjafjörður. Many of them were built in Akureyri and spent their time as traditional fishing vessels around these waters. After careful renovation, preserving the original character of these beautiful oak boats, we are proud to invite you aboard.

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North Sailing

North Sailing in Hjalteyri

North Sailing is easy to find once you arrive in Hjalteyri. Besides the fact that it only takes about 3 minutes to drive all the streets in the village, you can find our “Lighthouse” down by the harbor – close by the gigantic old, gray herring factory. Trust me, you can’t miss us!